Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CFL, tube light choke, silver paper plate businesses Cheaters from Delhi and other cities



We are not the enemies nor the friends of these companies. We raised the voice against fradulent companies in these sector.


Please note that these companies advertise their adds in newspapers in various states like TN, AP, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat etc.

Mainly far places from New Delhi, because all this companies are located in New Delhi and search says that some are opening in Mumbai and reputed cities.

Simple questions you should ask yourself:


1.) Why do they advertise in far places from Delhi ?

2.) If they are providing huge profits on investment of Rs.15,000 to 1,50,000 why don't they start their own small scale industry ?

3.) There are lot of unemployment in New Delhi and surrounding areas and people tend to work for a mere of Rs.100 per day. So, whey they do not install the machinery in their own premises and benefit from it ?

4.) When people ask to provide machinery on finance saying that they will pay in few months, then they say that we can get very cheap labor less than Rs.50 per day in New Delhi, so why should we provide the machinery on finance ? Here you have to question yourself what they can give you ?

5.) Why they are selling the machines ? If they require finished goods only they can advertise for the same, why only after selling machinery ?

6.) When you ask them that you have machinery and you are looking to sell you finished good, why should they ask for agreement money, that too very very high ?


TIPS to Handle this type of companies:


Don't believe any of these companies and people posing as customers.

They recommend you that, they are doing the business since months and years and getting huge profits. They are just agents of these companies. They get huge commission if machine is sold behalf of their reference.

It is possible to name number of agents with contact details - who are posing as customers but, it may not help to resolve these issues. They are advertising the company for getting money. They don't mind whether it is legal or illegal.

Nobody will come forward to your rescue when you lost the money. So, it is your MONEY it is your RESPONSIBILITY. Good decisions can may you RICH and bad will make your POOR.

So, if you are thinking too much to start this businesses then use your intelligence or try with few of the following tips.

=== > Ask the company to provide the machinery on finance basis and say that you are ready to provide address, ID proof and even bank guarantee. With bank guarantee companies do not fall under any loss. If that do not have any affects on them, they should provide you 100 or 90 percent finance.

According to all the companies - you would be earning from Rs.20,000 to Rs.1,20,000 per month. So, you can pay the machinery cost within 1 or 2 months. Cannot they wait for 2 months ?

If companies say that they cannot provide you machinery on finance and says they can provide 10 to 30 percent finance don't go with this. Remember that they are selling you machines at 400% higher than the value of the machine. So, you are at risk.

You can also ask the companies to provide bank guarantee for the amount you invested. So, that in 2 - 3 months if they don't supply raw material, don't provide payments or cheat you in anyway you can control the money by asking the same with bank officials regarding bank guarantee.

You can also prepare a different type of agreement by contacting different person, third party, government official explaining the same with them that in case you are earning as per the expectations you will pay the company else company will not get the money.

Don't believe on AGREEMENT. The agreement is nothing but, just a Rs.10 to Rs.50 stamp paper. And most of the companies mention on the agreement that if you do not supply finished goods for 30 days agreement will be cancelled and you will not get any money nor refund for machinery. So, you are at all the risks.

Most of the customers complaint that companies took the finished goods for the first oneor two months and after that they start saying that finished goods are not upto their quality expectations and return the goods. So, you will not get raw material, transportation and labour charges.

These companies are playing with thousands of innocent people from districts and cities of India. They have good knowledge about our law system and abilities of the people who are seeking such kind of business opportunities. They well know that 98% of the people cannot go to court nor they can regain their investment. They frame some rules that you will come to know after investing in their business.

It is learnt that some of the companies are doing good business with some people since months and years only to show others that they are doing good business and if anyone file a case they can show them. And some are with opinion that doing 100% fraud may not give them results and expected profit. So, they doing business for few years and once they collect huge money they wipe from the market.

They says that they are registered company and approved with NCT and government. This is just to make you fool. Ask any law person and you will come to know what all these worth or not. Some shows fake registered IDs and even if some are showing genuine registered ID, ask your lawyer, what you can do with that.

Remember, this registered number is nothing and not as you think of companies. The companies registered under companies act of India is original registered company. Because, they are big companies registered to do business in those products. Can you find any of such company which is originally registered with companies act of India?

Most of the people are taking finance from local financiers with a hope to earn good returns and when they realize that they have been cheated, they don't have any options but to worry and try for jobs. They don't posses much knowledge and hence thought that filing a case is very tough and it involves lot of money. So, they leave the hopes and loose investment.

Ask yourself how long can you wait with hopes ? There are lot of people who invested huge money and helpless even after 6 months. Do you want to realize yourself in the same place ? Do you realize yourself making rounds in Delhi and returning with no hopes ?

So, do not invest unless and until you are sure that you can fight against these companies and have at least 90% confidence that you can gain over them, if you are framed under fradulent acts.

=== > If companies are unable to provide machinery on finance at least ask them to provide bank guarantee from their side or if they are old company ask them to provide bank statements and cross check the same with bank officials without letting them know you are cross checking. See their income tax details.

And also see all the transactions details of previous customers as a legal process the companies should provide all the details of income to income tax authorities. On the basis of these details they will be charged income tax.

Remember, you are not going to purchase a kerchief that you don't mind if company is paying income tax or doing legal business or not. You are opting for legal business on agreement. The company which cannot provide you income tax details for your security, do you think they can treat you fair ?

===> There are other lot of security measures you can check like....

Whether the company is doing business on own premises or rented premises.

Whether the company is tax payer.

Bank statement of company to check how much business they are dealing with.

Since how long the company is doing the business, with original proof that law person can identify.



Pose as a person dealing with this business doing since years and having own sales in the local market. And then ask them - that you are ready to supply them finished goods.

And see the result.

They will ask you to pay some heavy amount for agreement. What's this agreement ? Why do they need agreement ?

You are paying for raw material and sending them finished goods. Where the agreement involves and why money involves?

Agreement is just for surety that you will provide the finished goods under good quality and company will purchase it as predetermined prices. But, companies ask you to pay for agreement fees.

The story will be different when you pose as new customer and don't know much about the business and when you pose as supplier.

This article is posted after examining the various companies and contacting various people who are suffering looses by investing in the companies. There are many people who recommend to do the business because, they are getting some commission or doing for their own benefits.

More and more fraud companies are entering the market everyday and there are more than 90% chances that you will be hurt. So, would you like to invest in the business that has more chances of failing and loosing the investment ?

And please NOTE that you will find very less people giving feedback about these companies because, most of the people looking for these business opportunities are less educated and don't have much knowledge in business and law system.

You can do these business if you are strong enough and having good contacts in the political and law departments. And it would be better if any of your educated relatives reside in Delhi or very nearby areas.

These article is posted after consulting victims and after examining most of the companies listed here. These is not the only list but, there are another huge number of companies doing business from New Delhi.

They are cheaters who are cheating smartly making illegal money.

Ask yourself, do I have enough money to loose ? It is like lottery system.


List of companies with their sample advertisements:




Deals in : Auto & domestic Bulb, Crystal Products,Glass Beads, CFL, paper plates.

Director :- Chandra Pal Singh

Address: B-/2/3/4,krian Garden, Near Nawada Metro Station,

Opp: Hanuman Mandir, New Delhi-110059

Phone: 011- 32679244

Mob: 91-11-9250622397,9312421184

E.Mail: startradingco.96@gmail.com

Website: www.startradingco.com

EARN THOUSANDS, install CFL, compact

choke, paper plate plant 100% buyback.

SMS address Bright Lite

#09910607689, 09212902091.

Balaji Traders




AIR THREAD company (Delhi Govt.

regd.) earn 1000/- to 3000/- per day low

invest. Setup own thread industry (Raw

Material+ Court Agreement+ Training

free). (Return finish goods). #011-

25644355, 09650522338,





(approved by N.C.T. Govt. of New Delhi)

Serving the nation for past 9 years

scale industry at home make income

20,000- 30,000 per month.

Address: 47/22, Aman Chamber,

(3rd Floor) Old Rajinder Nagar,

Main Pusa Road, New Delhi-110060 (India)

Tel: +91-11-25860660, 25860661

Fax: +91-11-25814543

Mobile: +91-9871415573


09871101529. www.satyamtrading.com

E-mail: info@satyamtrading.com




Dona plate & Candle plant in Rs.30,000

with 100% buy back finished good(s),

more details, Contact: 011-32022738,

09911985782 , 09971987453




Jay Shree Industries

107, Magnum House-II Karam Pura

Commerical complex, New Delhi-15

Ph: 011-25920179, 25920180, 25920181




15,000-35,000p/m, start your home

based industries paper plates, files making,

paper bag with 100% buy back with

leagal and Govt.Regd. Company.

Ph:65243438, 9618131349




or CFL Tube plants at Home (100% buy

back agreement) for details visit

www.gurukirpaind.com or Call:

09654172903 .



GOLDEN EAGLE (Regd) earn thousands.

Install CFL, Chokes, Paper plate

plant at home. Buy back. Sms your

address #09910989723,

0 9 8 7 1 8 6 8 2 6 3



ORPET LIGHT (regd.) small investment

good income install CFL Tubechoke,

Candle, Paper plate machines, buyback

agreement. Detail SMS postal address

09716744491, 09971420278.



KHAITAN LIGHT (regd) low investment.

Earn 50,000/- monthly. Instal CFL Tube,

choke candle plants providing raw material,

training+ transport. Buy back agreement

5 years. For details send postal add

09871852109, 09650077147.



SURYA KIRAN (Regd. No.1106) earn

thousands per month install CFL Tube/

paper plates/ ele choke (compact choke

plant Rs.25,000/- only) (Training +

transport free) + buyback agreement for

details send complete postal address

by SMS 09811816944, 011-32688136

New Delhi-110028



INSTALL CFL Chock, paper plate, disposal

glass, plastic machine, income

700- 1500 daily. We provide R/M buy

back agreement. Fast service. Address,

detail, SRI’s Delhi 09540664925;9873470453.



SECOND TIME in Hyd set up small

scale industry paper plates and also

car hire business. Limited period

only. Call 9505722491.

Sainikpuri, Hyd



Ankit light trading co

Deals in Tube light choke, paper plate, CFL bulbs


New Delhi





investment. Setup own business.

CFL,Paper Plate,Chokespolyester,

Electronic & Compact,

Music-Dolls, Candle, Inverter, Buyback

Agreement, Training Free. 572D,

N a r a i n a , D e l h i - 2 8 .




PHILIPS LIGHT (regd.) earn 50,000/

monthly. Install CFL Tubechoke candle

plant (training+ transport free) buyback

agreement 5 years. For details send

address SMS # 9871429430;9871429807.



EARN 25,000/- - 50,000/- per month

setup paper plates, tube chokes industry.

We provide free raw material buy

back agreement and training.

Vigneshwar Traders (Regd), Delhi




EARN:- 25,000/-, 50,000/- pm L.G.

Light, (Regd. No.2461) Install (C.F.L.),

Assamble (Unit). Send complete Postal

Address with area Pin Code by (SMS)

‘09958934685’, 011-65579397.(



JUST INVEST Rs.60000/- and earn

Rs.60-80 thousand we provide tube choke

and compact choke Manufacturing

machine and raw material with buy back

agreement. Ph:9676891899,





(Regd.) earn thousands rupees per

month, invest 30,000/- only & setup own

Thread’s small Industry (Raw Material+

Training+ Fitting free+ Court agreement)

Return prepared goods to us. Delhi# 011-

25100056, 09711811101, 09711811105,

09811507003, 09711407003,





(Regd.) earn 1,000/- to 2,000/- Rs.

per day in lowest investment, setup own

Thread’s small industry (Raw material

+Training +Fitting free +Court Agreement)

return prepared goods to us. Delhi #

09711193000, 09711227000,

09711208000, 011-25195003.




EARN 30,000/- 50,000/- per month

setup paperplate, tubechoke industry.We

provide free raw material buyback agreement

and training. Shivam Trading Co.

(regd.) 09871658517, 09953271717.



EARN 40,000- 70,000 per month setup

paper plate, compact choke, CFL, plastic

moulding. We provide you raw material

buy-back agreement. A.P. Light Co.

(regd.) Delhi. #09971707418,

09871004939, 011-23620835,




EARN 30,000- 50,000 per month setup

paper plate, compact choke, CFL, plastic

moulding. We provide you raw material

buy-back agreement. Sai Light Trading

Co. (regd.) #09811054058,

09717950003, www.saitrading.net



EARN 30,000/- to 50,000/- p.m. estd.

your own business indicator, wheelcap,

lunch box, hanger, backlight, thermoglass,

plastic bottle, jar, cane plants,

free raw material, production buyback

with agreement. Finance/ training/

transport facilities. Registered company.

Delhi #0 9971172538;9871663972

SN TRADERS newyear offer 20% discount

every plant earn 200- 2000 day

setup candle, CFL, dona plate, compact

(training, rawmaterial home court agreement)

#09312038133, 09891681915.



Apro Lite Company,

EARN THOUSAND install at home,

CFL, donapaper medical drop, compact

choke. contact#

0999821228, 09871729082, 011-




EARN 1000- 1500 daily install CFL,

paper plate plant at home, training+

transport+ raw material available.

Balaknath Traders, #09540667227,




BUY ONE get other one free. Earn

Rs.10,000 to 40,000 pm. Install paper

plate, CFL, Halogen bulb auto bulb,

Tubechoke, Doll, candle (raw material+

training+ agreement). Havels Enterprises

Regd. (12148) 09312810933,

09911685464, 09015254970



Bajaj Light Trading co

WZ area, Naraina vihar

Ring Road

Near Indian Petrol Pump

New Delhi - 28




Sai Ram Traders



Ph: 9971252308, 9871260191,




Global Skylite Trading Co

B-10 DM Vihar

Uttam Nagar

New Delhi - 59





Light Up Traders Co

CB-133, Naraina Ring Road

New Delhi - 28

9899698823, 9899703263




earn 1000’s instal CFL choke paper

plate, plant buyback+ training.

#09654018180, 09654018181.


After all your MONEY - your WISH.

Save yourself from FRAUD to stop the FRAUD in the society.

FRAUD degrades you and defame our country.

Prevent fraud for betters of your own family and their future.

Wishing you all the best.